T-mobile WPA

Shawn Adams shawn_adams
Sun Jul 17 12:29:02 PDT 2005

I can confirm that I have connected to T-mobile many times, usually
open, no WEP, no WPA. This includes different countries. I've only seen
them use standard open, no WPA, no WEP.

After connecting, of course, everything is redirected to t-mobile
server, and then you need to sign on with a paid account.

I have used a Nortel 2221 PCMCIA card with madwifi drivers, OS happens
to be SuSE 9.2 kernel 2.6.8-24.13-default. Have also used the Dell D600
built-in WLAN interface as well.

configured with Yast, just set the card for "open" and set the ESSID to
the AP (I use iwlist ath0 scan to find the AP in the 1st place).

Once the card associates, "dhcpcd -V ath0" gets an address, and sets the

open the browser, get re-directed to the t-mobile login page, and enter
your userid/password info.

Hope this helps

thomas schorpp wrote:
> Harold Naparst wrote:
>>I'm trying to connect to T-mobile's 802.1x network, but I'm obviously
> what is output for "iwlist ath0 scan" ?
> the last 2 lines of an ap dump should list the ie('s).
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