Delay between deauthentication and authentication.

Kishore Ramachandran ramack
Fri Jul 15 14:16:14 PDT 2005


While using manual roaming (iwpriv wlan0 host_roaming 2), I observed that
when the mobile is moving from one AP to the next, it first sends a
deauthentication frame to the old AP, which is subsequently acknowledged.

Following this, there is a gap of atleast 22ms before the authentication
frame is sent the new AP. I saw this behavior repeatedly with hostap
driver version 0.3.7, primary firmware v1.1.0, station firmware v1.4.9,
Linux kernel v2.4.30.

kernel: hostap_cs: 0.3.7 - 2005-02-12 (Jouni Malinen <jkmaline at>)
kernel: hostap_cs: Registered netdevice wifi0
kernel: hostap_cs: index 0x01: Vcc 5.0, irq 3, io 0x0100-0x013f
/etc/hotplug/net.agent: invoke ifup wifi0
kernel: wifi0: NIC: id=0x800c v1.0.0
kernel: wifi0: PRI: id=0x15 v1.1.0
kernel: wifi0: STA: id=0x1f v1.4.9

Has anyone on the list seen this behavior? What is the cause for this
delay and why 22ms? Is it possible to control this delay?

Thanks in advance,

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