Station firmware 1.7.4. vs. 1.8.4

Jar jar
Wed Jul 13 12:26:58 PDT 2005

hiphin wrote:

> I'm willing to do some testing about firmwares on PCI ... post me in replay 
> how and what you want me to test.
> Test will be done on/width:
> 1. PCI WL360 Gemtek (Prism 2.5 / 30mW)
> 2. miniPCI NL-2511MB Plus + PCI adapter (Prism 2.5 / 200mW)
> (that is what I have, right now)

Thanks a lot! I have nothing special in my mind. I have been using 1.7.4 
with great success.

All I want to know, is it as good as 1.7.4 with very basic things like: 
authenticated/associated, stability, throughput, compatibility and web 

Until now it seems to be not so good as 1.7.4.

Best Regards, Jar

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