Station firmware 1.7.4. vs. 1.8.4

Joe Parks jphstap
Wed Jul 13 08:28:55 PDT 2005

On Tue, 12 Jul 2005 22:15:00 +0300
Jar <jar at> wrote:
> Any experiences with the new 1.8.4 station firmware in managed and 
> hostap modes yet?
> When compared 1.8.4 to 1.7.4, does it work as well as the 1.7.4 in 
> managed/hostap? Worth to upgrade? What do you think?

We've done some limited testing using a much older hostap driver and found 1.7.4 to be substantially more stable than 1.8.4.   Poor connection rates, random kernel panics, and terrible throughput abound when using the 1.8.4 firmware with the 0.1.3 hostap driver on an ARM platform.  No such problems with 1.7.4

We *have not* looked much into this though.   Once we saw all the problems we switched back to 1.7.4

In particular we haven't: 

* kept logs of the various problems 

* traced any of the oops messages to understand them better

* tried with latest drivers

* tried on alternate platforms

So, in short, "Your mileage may vary"

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