Hostapd wired authenticator, suggestions pls...

oyun cubey oyuncubey
Sun Jul 10 07:09:08 PDT 2005

I am a newbie and need some help pls.
I have a RH 9 2.4.20-43 and tried a couple of things
without success.
- Found some RPMs for hostap-driver, hostapd but I
could not pass the "invalid/unknow driver wired"
message. My hostapd.conf file had "interface=eth0" and

- Tried to make use of the src files but could not get
it compiled. I was getting problems with "can't build
for 2.6 ..." messages. Also some other problems
regarding the  include folders.

I spent almost 2 days searching the mailing lists and
following some advises but without success.

could you please recommend an OS, proper kernel level,
and a method to use from scratch?


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