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Aidan P. Doyle apdoyle
Fri Jul 8 15:32:33 PDT 2005

Hi All,

I noticed that promiscuous mode is not working for the hostap driver whereas it
does for the orinoco.  A little more digging and I saw that it seems to be
disabled in the code (see below), due to firmware issues.  Is a fix in the
wings or  does anyone know of workarounds or cards/firmwares that do work
correctly with this code enabled?

Any help appreciated,

Aidan Doyle

Senior Development Engineer, Sensoria Corp. (apdoyle at

Relevant code in 0.3.9:
static void hostap_set_multicast_list(struct net_device *dev)
#if 0
	/* FIX: promiscuous mode seems to be causing a lot of problems with
	 * some station firmware versions (FCSErr frames, invalid MACPort, etc.
	 * corrupted incoming frames). This code is now commented out while the
	 * problems are investigated. */
	struct hostap_interface *iface = dev->priv;
	local_info_t *local = iface->local;

	if ((dev->flags & IFF_ALLMULTI) || (dev->flags & IFF_PROMISC)) {
		local->is_promisc = 1;
	} else {
		local->is_promisc = 0;


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