New firmwares: rf010804.hex and others

Pavel Roskin proski
Wed Jul 6 18:29:13 PDT 2005


I have added several firmwares to my collection at

There are:

rf010804.hex (RAM 1.8.4 Prism 2.5/3 PCI/PCMCIA)
rf010602.hex (RAM 1.6.2 Prism 2.5/3 PCI/PCMCIA)
r1010409.hex (RAM 1.4.9 Prism 2 PCMCIA)
ru010409.hex (RAM 1.4.9 Prism 3 USB)

rf010804.hex is of special interest here.  It's for those who are afraid
to flash sf010804.hex for some reasons.

The latest firmwares in the collections are:

                            RAM           Flash
Prism 2      PCMCIA         1.7.1         1.7.1
Prism 2.5/3  PCI/PCMCIA     1.8.4 (NEW!)  1.8.4
Prism 3      USB            1.8.3         1.8.4

rf010804.hex was recovered from a binary using a Perl script, so it may
have some S-records in a different order than to the official version.
However, I have successfully tested it in HostAP and managed modes.

As usually, I have no idea what was changed in the firmware.  Every time
I post an update somebody asks that question :-)

Pavel Roskin

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