best guess wrt firmware upgrade

Jerry mrcool
Sat Jan 29 07:27:43 PST 2005


  Send dmesg , lsmod, and lspci outputs when the card is initialized.   I
wouldnt worry about the firmware until you successfully make the card work.
Also info about the kernel version and the what versions of hostap you are
using,  and if there is some strange output when compile the driver, that
may be helpful.

  With this information it is easier for other to help diagnose what may be
going wrong with your card and/or hostap.  The firmware upgrade will help
performance in some areas AFTER the card is operational but if the card isnt
operational then I would definately be scared to try something like a
firmware upgrade, as this could certainly frag things, especially if the
card is working to begin with,  and then it definately wont work. ;)

Good luck...


> I ask cuz, the card doesnt operate properly yet (nor did it before).
> Briefly, ifup pegs the cpu, and never succeeds.
> I'll post the details separately when Ive exhausted my reservoir (puddle)
> of experience..
> thanks in advance.
> jimc
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