questions about WPA-PSK and EAP-PSK

SHI YU-SONG-W20040 W20040
Fri Jan 28 01:40:08 PST 2005

   Would anyone please help to clarify the following issues, any help is very appreciated. 

    Does the WPA-PSK mode also need to config IEEE802.1x? because WPA-PSK also support WPA 4-Way Handshake to generating encrytion data key, by exchanging EAPOL-Key messages between supplicant and authenticator, right?

    What's the difference between WPA-PSK and EAP-PSK? If I only try to WPA-PSK, Does I need to config EAP-PSK to include IEEE802.1x? (But in the README, which said that WPA-PSK mode does not require EAPOL/EAP implementation, I think need EAPOL-Key to support WPA 4-Way Handshake). 

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