TestMode / Continous TX?

Tony Espy espy
Wed Jan 26 09:05:16 PST 2005

While doing preliminary FCC emissions testing for the Pepper Wireless 
Pad, we were asked to put the WiFi card into continous transmit mode.

I have a copy of the Prism Firmare Programmer's Manual (v2.3.0) and 
Appendix F describes how to send FW test commands to the card.  Looks 
like test mode "E" places the card into continuous TX mode, and mode "F" 
gracefully stops the test mode.

After going thru all of the various READMEs ( hostap-utils, 
hostap-driver, etc... ) it looks like there's no way to initiate any of 
these test modes using the HostAP driver and it's associated utilities.
Am I correct in this assumption?

If so, would it be possible to modify the default driver to support some 
of these test modes via a driver-specific parameter?

Tony Espy
Pepper Computer

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