pae module from Gunter... problems

David Minodier forspam
Tue Jan 25 04:33:05 PST 2005

> Did you use layer2 patch into your kernel? Without this patch pae
> module will not work!

    I did, with errors unfortunately. See below my comments.

> I don't know if layer2 patch work on 2.6 machines. Pherhaps this is the
> fault. Can you look into /proc/net/pae/* to figure out whether packets
> go throug this module while authentication?

    Nop. There is no packet going through the pae.... damn !
    Well. This is obviously due to the layer2-patch that does not work for
2.6. I wonder if there are so many differences between the netfilters-2.4
and the netfilters-2.6 files ?
    Could you send me the files in version 2.4 that are concerned with your
patch please ? I could have a look at them then...
    Could you send them *without* the patch applied please ?
    Many thanks !

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