wpa supplicant v0.3.4 and WEP issue

Jouni Malinen jkmaline
Fri Jan 21 21:12:20 PST 2005

On Wed, Jan 19, 2005 at 04:32:09PM +0100, Henrik Brix Andersen wrote:

> Actually, I was just investigating a similar problem yesterday. When I
> start wpa_supplicant [1] and it associates with a non-encrypted AP it
> seems to drop the connection almost immediately. If I issue a 'wpa_cli
> reassociate' it re-associates and the connection is not dropped again.

The debug log from wpa_supplicant does not show any kind of
authentication timeout; actually, it is showing the timeout being
cancelled properly.. As far as this debug log is concerned, everything
is going fine.. Can you reproduce this with any other driver than

> Trying to associate with 00:30:ab:0c:38:25 (SSID='Wireless' freq=0 MHz)
> Cancelling scan request
> Automatic auth_alg selection: 0x1
> wpa_driver_ipw2100_set_auth_alg: auth_alg=0x1
> No keys have been configured - skip key clearing
> wpa_driver_ipw2100_set_drop_unencrypted: enabled=0
> Setting authentication timeout: 5 sec 0 usec

wpa_supplicant starts waiting for association..

> EAPOL: External notification - portControl=ForceAuthorized
> Wireless event: cmd=0x8b15 len=20
> Wireless event: new AP: 00:30:ab:0c:38:25
> Association event - clear replay counter
> Associated to a new BSS: BSSID=00:30:ab:0c:38:25
> Associated with 00:30:ab:0c:38:25
> Cancelling authentication timeout

Association event and wpa_supplicant cancels the timeout.

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