pae module from Gunter... problems

Sebastian Weitzel togg
Fri Jan 21 06:59:51 PST 2005

> - is this module a standalone module or is it now included in
> hostapd-0.3.4?

It is not included in hostapd yet.

> do we still have to apply the patches ?)

I think you only need the pae module in addition to a relatively new
hostapd. But I am not sure on this. Maybe Gunter will spot a light on

> - I have a Sarge Debian system. I can't figure out how to compile
> something from the Makefile provided in the PAE package. (I'm not
> particularly good at modifying Makefiles though !

The pae makefiles are just modified original hostap makefiles. The most
important part is "$(MAKE) -C $(KERNEL_PATH) SUBDIRS=`pwd`/modules
modules" which builds the module for your kernel tree. KERNEL_PATH could
be set on commandline, e.g. with "make KERNEL_PATH="/usr/src/linux"" or by
setting this in the Makefile directly.

Sebastian Weitzel

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