Wired hostapd nearly working for me !

David Minodier forspam
Thu Jan 20 07:21:29 PST 2005

Hi all,
first of all, congrads to the developpers of hostapd.
The code is well written, relatively easy to understand.... 
again, congrads !

I could manage to get the xsupplicant, hostapd wired and freeradius to work
properly in a wired configuration : the supplicant runs on a Debian, hostapd
runs on another Debian that has 3 Ethernet NICs (no wireless at all).
Freeradius runs on a Redhat 9.

The supplicant authenticates well with EAP-MD5. hostapd returns
"Authenticated !" to the supplicant, everything's fine.... but.... Damn !
There's a "but" :

My pb is that the Supplicant can always ping the IP of the NIC on which it
is attached on the Authenticator that runs hostapd.... Seems like the NIC is
always in the authorized state in the way it does not discard the frames
that the supplicant sends when not authenticated yet.

Any suggestions ?

The setup :

Supplicant ------------- ETH0 hostapd ETH2 --------- WAN network

hostapd runs on eth0.

Many thanks

Note: Had to modify a few things... especially the EAPOL_VERSION was set to 2. 
The xsupplicant (open1x) and the Odyssey (Funk) supplicants did not 
like it at all, so I switched it back to 1.

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