Can not control wireless driver after leaving wpa_supplicant

Gentoopower gentoopower
Wed Jan 19 05:27:33 PST 2005

Did you check if wpa_supplicant is really killed, check with 'ps ax' if 
it is not running anymore.
You should be able to use iwconfig etc if wpa_supplicant is off.

YenJung Chang wrote:

>Hi, List,
>I am using wpa_supplicant 0.3.4 on linux kernel 2.4.25 and the
>wireless driver from Madwifi.
>I can control the wireless device using wpa_supplicant ok. But after I
>killed wpa_supplicant process, I can no longer configure the wireless
>device well via wireless tools (iwconfig, etc.), like connecting to
>another AP.
>Does the wireless device only work under wpa_supplicant control if
>wpa_supplicant controlled it?
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