kernel 2.6.10 compile - __might_sleep

Jim Cromie jcromie
Tue Jan 18 23:39:51 PST 2005

Scott Gilliland wrote:

> I'm running debian unstable with my own kernel, version 2.6.10. When i 
> go to compile 0.3.3, things fail, producing modules that don't work. 
> Here's the output:

> *** Warning: "__might_sleep" 
> [/usr/src/hostap-driver-0.3.3/driver/modules/hostap _pci.ko] undefined!

> *** Warning: "__might_sleep" 
> [/usr/src/hostap-driver-0.3.3/driver/modules/hostap _cs.ko]
> If anyone has any clue, please share. Someone may have already 
> answered this sometime in January, but I can only get the archives 
> from December, and I just subscribed. Sorry if this is a repeat.

I too saw this tonite, with today's ndiswrapper & 2.6.10, immediately 
after I turned off
CONFIG_DEBUG_SPINLOCK - which ndiswrapper make complained about.

I did a make clean,
and make modules_install install  
that 'fixed' it, whatever it was.

now that I have a chance to 2nd guess my laziness, I wonder if running
this might show the difference b4 do{ make clean; make } and after

]$ find lnx/ -exec cksum {} \; > cksums

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