wpa supplicant v0.3.4 and RSN pre-authentication issue

Zimmermann, Christopher Brian Chris cbzimmermann
Tue Jan 18 19:01:36 PST 2005

I've ported WPA supplicant v0.3.4 to VxWorks v5.5 on ARM little Endian.
I have two APs setup on the same ESS in RSN/WPA-RADIUS/CCMP mode.  I
associate to one AP, and my pre-authentication state machine completes
successfully, or so it appears.  However, I do not get told by
wpa_supplicant to add a PMKID to the BSSID just processed on the 0x88C7
EAP state machine.  

The condition 
	if (sm->ctx->cb && sm->cb_status != EAPOL_CB_IN_PROGRESS) {

in eapol_sm_step(), in file eapol_sm.c, never seems to be met for
pre-auth.  It does appear that rsn_preauth_eapol_cb() needs to be called
in order for me to get a PMKID from this method.

Thanks in advance,

Chris Zimmermann
Agere Systems
cbzimmermann at agere.com

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