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gaurav dawra openapproject
Tue Jan 18 09:36:41 PST 2005

Besides that post also check the channel your wireless card working on.

You can do it by "iwconfig wlan0" and find out the channel. Find out 
from ur admnisntrator which channel Access Points are configured. Set the 
same channel by

iwconfig wlan0 mode managed channel X ( X= Channel of AP)

Also check the essid they shud be same so that your wireless card can talk 
to the AP.

You can set the essid by "iwconfig wlan0 essid "nameof the the essid"

If iwlist scan is not giving anything there is also a possibility that no AP 
Is in the range. I am assuming they are and your wireless card is not seeing 


>From: capacity77 at
>To: hostap at
>Subject: scan config
>Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 12:56:37 +0100
>Hi all!
>I'm in an office where there's a wireless connection. I have hostap on my
>laptop, I did
>iwconfig wlan0 mode Managed
>but with iwlist scan I get No scan result.
>do I need further configuration to surf as a client in a wireless net?
>thanks a lot
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