Automated Startup of hostap Essid "test" mode master

verdu009 verdu009
Sun Jan 16 18:09:28 PST 2005


After same "post" reading ;-)
i found that you have to bring up the interface wlan0 with 'ifconfig wlan0 up'
Sorry for the posting, but it works now.

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  Hi all,

  I have searched and looked practical everywhere to automate my startup.
  With older versions of hostap i could simply set the card into managed mode with a script in rc2 automatically.
  Now with the new driver this does not seem to possible anymore.
  I have read a comment from Jouni that it is described on his page.
  Well, i have searched for a long time but didn't find it.

  Who has a clue.

  i want to set up the card after boot. 
  If i run a script stating:
  iwconfig wlan0 mode managed
  iwconfig wlan0 essid any

  after boot, iwconfig still presents:
  mode master
  essid test

  When i run my script again after login, the settings are changed!

  please help,


  Evert Verduin


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