Some queries on 802.11f(IAPP) and extended management in HostAPd

Ajeet fromkth
Sun Jan 16 09:15:47 PST 2005


First let me describe what i want to do.
I want to make L2 handoffs in 802.11b WLANs very fast so that realtime
services like VoIP can be provided flawlessly on a WLAN composed of
Access Points and other DS equipment from different vendors. There are
solutions for this from different vendors, but only if you use all AP
and DS equipment and even client cards from that vendor only, as they all
might be exchanging some extra frames(with some useful data to help in
achieving fast handoffs) which are only understandable by their hardware.

According to my findings this can be made possible to work with mixture
of different vendors hardware if the STA have some useful information 
about neighbour APs of current AP, to which STA is associated currently.
To get that information either STA can implement some algorithm or this 
information can be passed from AP to STA. I am inclined to do the later 
one that, AP passes that useful information to STA upon 

After reading throughly HostAP readmes, 802.11f(IAPP) and skimming 
802.11 standard. I have following queries.

What extended 802.11 management features HostAPd implements which are 
not included in master-mode(Host-AP-mode) feature in HostAP driver.
Is it just minimal IAPP which is not included in HosAP driver and 
included in HostAPd?

What features 0f 802.11f(IAPP) are implemented by HostAPd. As on website 
it just says the it implements minimal IAPP.

I have many other questions which i will put, once i have completed my 
preliminary research about those.



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