wpa supplicant v0.3.3 and WPA2-PSK issue

Zimmermann, Christopher Brian Chris cbzimmermann
Wed Jan 12 08:24:26 PST 2005

I've ported WPA supplicant v0.3.3 to VxWorks v5.5 on ARM little Endian.
I am associating to a Cisco AP1231 with WPA2 Wi-Fi Alliance special test
firmware (for WPA2/WMM certification).

I tried using WPA2-PSK and it always fails.  I believe the problem to be
caused by PMKSA.  To the best of my understanding, PMKSA and Pre-Shared
Key are mutually exclusive; the point of PMKIDs being to avoid the
potentially lengthy EAP negotiation (certificate exchange, etc.).

Earlier in the function, eapol_sm_get_key() is called, and no key is
obtained, PMKSA caching being aborted.  wpa_eapol_send() is called and
the 1_of_4 function returns.  For the PSK condition, this seems to be
invalid.  I patched the problem on my system by changing

Line 1106:	if (abort_cached) {

to be as follows:

	if ((abort_cached) && (wpa_s->key_mgmt ==

This change prevents sending out the EAPOL-Start message, which the AP
will not answer, and allows sends message 2/4.  WPA2-PSK completes
successfully this way

Am I missing something? 

Thanks in advance,

Chris Zimmermann
Agere Systems
cbzimmermann at agere.com

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