firmware download in RAM prism2_srec

Ashwin Chaugule ashwin_c99
Tue Jan 11 05:45:40 PST 2005

         I have this prism3 engineering sample card .. which has no flash on 
it.. only ram.
Im wondering as to how to use prism2_srec to dwload primary and secondary 
firmwares into it
using hostap-0.1.3 after plugging with the PDA file that I have.

I could do this using the wlan-ng driver and prism2dl

There all I had to do was place the necessary firmware files in /etc/wlan 
and run cardmgr on the embedded board.
It would download the firmwares even if the wlan0 interface wasnt up.

Since the hostap 0.1.3 driver is only one that compiles for ARM (w/o 
trouble), i think even 0.2.0 does (not sure) , but the latest ones dont...

So anyway, how does one get the card in fwload mode like the wlan-ng driver 
does ..
coz for any of the prism2_srec cards , you need to give wlan0 interface name 
, when its not even up.

My understanding here is a little incomplete , could you clarify .

Ashwin Chaugule
Embedded Systems Engineer
Aftek Infosys Ltd.
[Embedded Division]

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