Afsaneh Sattari asattari
Sun Jan 9 12:33:47 PST 2005

Hello All,
> I have to measure SNR (db), I have two Wieless PC cards. My problem is , I
> do not have a convertion table to RSSI and the method to convert to dbm
> for lucent Orinoco Gold card that I am using. Since each vendor has its
> specific method and value for Max_RSSI , I am not able to calculate the
> SNR from the values that I get from cat /proc/net/wirelss . For example i
> got for Orinonco: link level noise

                    57    219   161

>> Any one can help me in this issue.
>> I have no problem for conveting for my other card D-link, sinvce I have
>> the table for Atheros chipsets.


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