Writing a driver for Prism2.5/3 USB (802.11 hostap)

Chris Rankin rankincj
Sun Jan 9 07:22:22 PST 2005


I am trying to get the ball rolling on writing a new
hostap_usb driver for Prism2.5 / 3 devices. I am
moderately familiar with how the linux-wlan-ng driver
works, although I don't have any official
documentation from Intersil on the subject. 

Basically, prism2_usb uses the Bulk-In and Bulk-Out
pipes for everything; both data and commands. However,
it does get into a tangle trying to queue up a list of
URBs containing command data for the Bulk-Out pipe,
and then matching the command responses when they
arrive down the Bulk-In pipe. And there are also two
timers per command so that the command can be
cancelled if either the request URB doesn't complete
in time, or the response URB doesn't arrive in time.

Can anyone help me integrate this code with the new
802.11 stack, please; possibly even rejig the
URB-handling mechanism to work better with the USB


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