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srinivas yarra syarra
Tue Jan 4 21:51:02 PST 2005


I am a bit new to networking on linux. I am trying to
port "wpa_supplicant" on Linux (2.4.19 kernel), xscale
platform from Intel. When I run the wpa_supplicant on
Xscale platform I get the following error on the 

socket(PF_PACKET, SOCK_RAW): Address family not
supported by protocol

its trying to open a socket for ETH_P_EAPOL (0x888E)
protocol and failing to strart.

How can my linux kernel Image can include this

If I compile the wpa_supplicant with USE_DNET_PCAP
will this error go away??

If I have to include ldnet & lpcap how can I include
them into my linux Image??

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