HostAP 0.3.x and Intel PROset

ANDREW BARR barr.156
Tue Jan 4 11:27:45 PST 2005

I recently put Windows on my laptop and I am trying to get the Intel PROset utility to work with my HostAP access point. It runs HostAP 0.3.0, I am installing 0.3.3 (hostap-driver/hostapd) right now. The access point uses WPA-Radius for security, and I cannot get the PROset supplicant to connect to my AP. The Windows XP supplicant will, but it is not an option because it is not supported by my campus wireless network (LEAP or PEAP-GTC). I read the archives; another fellow had similar problems with the PROset supplicant, albeit with a different authentication type, and it was said that HostAP 0.3.x used a newer IEEE 802.1x standard and I drew the conclusion that this broke compatibility with Intel PROset. Is there any (simple) way to make hostapd use an older version compatible with Intel PROset or is it more complicated than a source code line change or two?


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