SES development opinions request

Robert Denier denier
Fri Feb 25 14:44:36 PST 2005

I'm still waiting on the sourceforge project approval.  It should be just
a matter of time now.  The former users of ses said it was ok, but 
it looks like it still may be awhile.  At any rate until then I 
presumably won't have a mailing list, so I apologize in advance for 
monopolizing this one.

For those who don't already know my project is sitting at

My intent is to make this system work on any network interface by
placing a call at just before the kernel does driver calls to network

It looks like /usr/src/linux/net/core/dev.c is where I need to be.

My goals so far are

1) Keeping the modifications very minor here, but having it set such
that if the ses and elliptic modules are present then packets are run
through them if they originate or are intended for a specified

2) If those modules are not present to simply work as usual.

3) If a computer is not listed as using SES (no public key found) then
for packets to be optionally sent/received in unencrypted form.

Opinions?  Better ideas?  Other ideas/suggestions?

Has anyone tested the full system yet?  If anyone uses this code in whole
or in part for another GPL'd project I'd hope they would join the mailing
list when I get it up and let me know.

I'm going to setup a machine and run its terminal on a serial port for
this work since I figure I'll manage to crash the system a few times
before I figure out all I need to figure out.


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