Senao txpower

Peter Abrahamsen peidran
Fri Feb 25 10:31:24 PST 2005

Good day,

I have a little bit of a problem. I'm in Nicaragua (convenient enough),
building a wireless freenet on an island.

As it turns out, the amps we're using will bust if fed the full 200mW of the
Senao 2511MP plus. So, I either need to route around them, or set the power
down on the radio. Routing around them would mean DHL'ing a couple pigtails
from the states, which I'd really rather not do.

I've built 0.3.7 with the patch posted here:

I know that it's experimental and will probably blow my poor little island
to smithereens if I cough on it, but I'd like to give it a try.

Does anyone have any pointers for how to go about this? Specifically:
a) has anyone determined what the correlation between txpower setting and
   actual output power is for this card, or one sufficiently similar? I
   don't have a spectrum analyzer.
b) is there a way I can hard-code the txpower into the driver so that it
   NEVER goes above 50mW?

If necessary, I'd be willing at this point to pay for someone to research
this for me, and write a little bit of code.

Many thanks,

Peter Abrahamsen
Red Libre de Ometepe
Ometepe, Nicaragua

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