[RESEND] [patch] wpa_supplicant + madwifi can't associate to non-WEP network

Lorenzo Colitti lorenzo
Thu Feb 24 15:15:03 PST 2005


I sent this patch a couple of weeks ago, but got no response. I've been 
running on various types of wireless networks since then and it seems to 
work fine.

It would be nice if it could be applied so I could go back to using the 
wpa_supplicant debian package instead of my patched version. :-)




I am using wpa_supplicant 0.3.2 with the madwifi driver, but I can't get
it to associate with a non-WEP (i.e. completely insecure) network with a
Cisco Aironet 1200 BS (details below). The problem is that the BS
refuses the association request because the request specifies WEP and
the BS has WEP disabled.

The attached patch fixes the problem by explicitly enabling and
disabling WEP in the driver when set_drop_unencrypted() is called.

Can it be applied?


Network entry in wpa_supplicant.conf:

> network={
>         ssid="xxx"
>         key_mgmt=NONE
> } 

Output of wpa_supplicant -dddd:

> Trying to associate with 00:0e:84:92:7d:f0 (SSID='xxx' freq=2412 MHz)
> Cancelling scan request
> Automatic auth_alg selection: 0x1
> No keys have been configured - skip key clearing
> wpa_driver_madwifi_set_drop_unencrypted: enabled=0
> wpa_driver_madwifi_associate
> Setting authentication timeout: 5 sec 0 usec
> EAPOL: External notification - portControl=ForceAuthorized
> Wireless event: cmd=0x8b1a len=21 

If I turn on debugging in the madwifi driver I see the following error

> Feb 10 17:15:39 localhost kernel: association failed (reason 10) for 00:0e:84:92:74:70 

Reason 10 is "Cannot support all requested capabilities in the
Capability Information field".

Packet dumps of the association request and response (2104 is without
WEP, 3104 is with WEP):

> Feb 10 17:31:49 localhost kernel: NODS 00:11:0a:81:6b:64->00:0e:84:92:74:70(00:0e:84:92:74:70) assoc_req 1M
> [...] 0000 3a01 000e 8492 7470 0011 0a81 6b64 000e 8492 7470 1000 3104 [...]
>                                                                   ^^^^
> Feb 10 17:31:49 localhost kernel: NODS 00:0e:84:92:74:70->ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff(00:0e:84:92:74:70) beacon 1M +2
> [...] 8000 0000 ffff ffff ffff 000e 8492 7470 000e 8492 7470 d069 91e1 baef 0a01 0000 6400 2104 [...]
>                                                                                            ^^^^

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