Tuning hostap configuration

Paulo Sergio Lemes Queiroz oluap
Tue Feb 22 04:31:47 PST 2005


I'm having a strange problem with my network

Some times, some clients, get to lower tx rates.

Initially, I think its a channel problem... but when I change the 
channel, the tx_rate don't change.

I'm using this config:

${IWCONFIG} ${IFCE} essid MyNet
${IWCONFIG} ${IFCE} nick  MyCard
${IWCONFIG} ${IFCE} mode  Master
${IWCONFIG} ${IFCE} rate  11M auto
${IWCONFIG} ${IFCE} frag  512
${IWCONFIG} ${IFCE} rts   65
${IWPRIV} ${IFCE} beacon_int 100
${IWPRIV} ${IFCE} dtim_period 20
${IWCONFIG} ${IFCE} channel 3
${IWPRIV} ${IFCE} prism2_param 30 1

Is anything wrong with config ?

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