hostapd 0.2.4 on a linux bridge

Axel Christiansen axel
Mon Feb 21 10:14:37 PST 2005


i am trying to use a hostapd on a linux AP with
multiple devices in one bridge.

There is one bridge with devices:

wlan0	Master
wlan1	Master

wlan0wds0	to other AP
wlan1wds0	to other AP

The hostapd.conf is configured to do
WPA-PSK and rsn_preauth_interfaces= is set to
wlan0wds0 wlan1wds0.

Whenever the hostapd runs, the wds links become
locked up. Seems like the hole bridge stops

I allso tried to include the bridge device in
rsn_preauth_interfaces with no luck.

Stopping the hostapd does not unlock the hole

The config works fine on a similar device with
just not everything in a bridge.

What can i do to have such a bridge with a
working hostapd?

Thx a lot, Axel

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