Jim Cromie jcromie
Sun Feb 20 17:57:26 PST 2005

talks about current shortcomings of linux wireless.

it includes some mention of using netlink to notify hotplug that a link 
is up.
This is apparently the right way to trigger external programs to do 
and hostap doesnt need to fork off an external, root-privileged, program 
to do that.


*Not all drivers have correct netlink support, if they even have it*

   1. *orinoco is too twitchy, sends too many events (shouldn't send
      them during a scan for example)*
   2. *atmel, airo, and others don't seem to have any netlink support*

*Work Item: fix all drivers to ensure that when the card successfully 
associates with an access point, that it signals the kernel that its 
network link is "up".*



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