getting WE-18 going w/hostap-driver

Nathan Bixler bixlern
Sat Feb 19 20:31:30 PST 2005

I'm looking to get WPA & WPA2 working in AP mode.  To try and experiment 
with wireless extensions 18 (since I had WE-16 on FC3 & I want the most 
recent WPA features), I d/l'ed wireless-tools.27-pre25-netlink.tar.gz from
Jean's site, but it's been a a bit rough...

After hardcoding RTM_SETLINK to some arbitrary value to get past a 
compilation error from iwrtnlib.c, I got an error when running the tools 
e.g. Cannot talk to rtnetlink: Invalid Argument (sounds like my own fault 
for defining it).

So I decided to replace wireless.h from in my kernel source:include/linux
with a copy of the wireless.18.h from the tarball & 
recompiled the kernel & hostap-driver 0.3.7:
hostap_pci: disagrees about version of symbol per_cpu__softnet_data
hostap_pci: Unknown symbol per_cpu__softnet_data
... whoops my hostap driver won't load anymore ...

but at least now iwconfig -v shows:
iwconfig  Wireless-Tools version 27
           Compatible with Wirelss Extension v11 to v19
Kernel    Currently compiled with Wireless Extension v18.

?'s :
1) did I get the best pre-release ver of wireless-tools w/ WE-18?
2) if I want WPA,WPA2,TKIP, & CCMP all functioning in AP mode, should I 
even bother upgrading wireless-tools?  from what I understand WE-18 adds 
additional support for WPA/WPA2 which is my goal here...

any other comments/criticism on my lame way of going about this?


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