Compaq WL200 card stopped working

Jar jar
Thu Feb 17 08:02:13 PST 2005

> My wlan0 has mysteriously stopped working. It was working beautifully as an access
> point, feeding an internet connection througout my apt. Then I opened up the PC case
> to install a second NIC (wired) and case fan, but when I turned on the PC, the wifi
> card stopped working. PCMCIA is working fine (except "cardctl reset" was causing a
> kernel panic consistently, resolved by recompiling the kernel), and the card itself
> is visible. The driver (hostap_cs v.3.5 I think) loads and everything, except
> whenever I try to bring the card up I get the following in /var/log/messages
>  I don't understand how the card could have possibly lost it's primary firmware. I
> could understand if I'd touched a magnetic tip screwdriver to the card, but nothing
> of the sort happened! I can't seem to reload the firmware using hostap_srec either.
> I get an error message about it not being able to read the card's PDA or something.

I don't think the firmwares are lost. Maybe some interrupt delivery problem? after
you inserted the extra wired NIC. Does the Wlan card start to working again if you
restore the original setup and uninstall the extra NIC card? Is the extra NIC card
isa or pci ?

Best Regards, Jar

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