adding supplicant support for new driver

Tue Feb 15 23:35:30 PST 2005


We have an NDIS based driver for AR5005 chipset.  We are developing the
linux driver for the same. We intend to add support for the newly developing
linux driver in wpa supplicant.

The driver has no option for setting the information element. From the
documentation what I could understand was, in such scenarios, the driver
wrapper has to update supplicant with the association information. We went
through the broadcom driver wrapper implementation and ndis driver in

These are our current understandings:

	1.	In the driver init, the driver has to listen for events.  On
receiving events, the supplicant is to be informed.
	2.	We can not use the driver_wext.c custom event
functionalities for that since it handles only the WPA IEs in it.

	If the above are correct, then what should be done for sending the
events like ASSOCINFO from driver? 


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