From 802.11 Authentication to (Re)Association Response - timings.

Ajeet Nankani fromkth+hostap
Tue Feb 15 01:57:36 PST 2005

Last week i did some experiments and found out that from the 
Authentication request from STA to (Re)Association response from AP it 
takes around 150ms to 200ms which is quite high, as it should be around
anywhere between 5 to 20ms. Also note that these timings does not 
include any of scanning timings.

I have 1.8.0 firmware
I used HostAP 0.3.5 build
I experimented separately with both, kernel level 802.11 management and 
with hostapd daemon 802.11 management.
It was total open-authentication, no WEP, no WPA.
There are not any other APs/STAs in vicinity.
I used two APs(Channel 1 and 6), to be able to do handoff.

What could be wrong in my setup?

Anyone else observed the same or much less timings than these ones?


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