txpower settings + ALC option

Ged Haywood ged
Fri Feb 11 10:02:29 PST 2005

Hello again Ajeet,

On Fri, 11 Feb 2005, Ajeet wrote:

> Fortunately my PC-card's(Zyxell B-101) antenna is detachable, so i
> detached it from STA's PC-CARD and now i am able to make a handoff
> between two APs placed at opposite corners in a room of 15 feet.


> But my original question about info on ALC option(in iwpriv) and if
> there is any relation between ALC and txpower option(in iwconfig) still
> remains unanswered.

Try looking at these links, I found them with Google - you should try it!


> Also when i do "iwpriv wlan0 getalc" it gives error that Operation not
> supported. Does it depend on PC-Cards model/manufacturer or only the
> firmware. I have 1.8.0 firmware.

Have you looked at the iwpriv documentation?



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