Scanning, hostscan option and .../wlan0/scan_results

Ajeet fromkth+hostap
Fri Feb 11 07:56:31 PST 2005

Am i right when i say that the file
contains results of Wireless Event "SCAN" only when triggered manually 
either by
iwlist wlan0 scan
iwpriv wlan0 hostscan x

means it does not contains results of scan done by firmware, which 
usualy scans when in begning the card is enabaled/set in managed mode or 
when while in a managed mode, it(firmware) decides to roam hence tries 
to scan for other APs.

Also when i do
iwpriv wlan0 gethostscan
on my card, it gives error that operation not supported, but when i do
iwpriv wlan0 hostscan 1
it perfoms scan.
I have firmware 1.8.0

In the driver readme it is written that hostscan option is to perform 
no-destructive AP scanning, but when i do
iwlist wlan0 scan
it does not break my current assosication, so are both commands(iwlist 
wlan0 scan and iwpriv wlan0 hostscan x) doing same thing that performing 
non-destructive scanning?

I know that in hostscan we have liberty to set the rate at which we 
perform non-destructive scanning. But then what is the rate when we 
perfom scanning using iwlist wlan0 scan?


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