Radius Dictionary

David Minodier forspam
Fri Feb 11 07:48:59 PST 2005

> I planed to this work. But i have no time to do it. Freeradius has a
> good library of parsing such dictionaries. It would be realativly easy
> to include this into hostapd.
Well, I tried to... It's not as easy as it seems... at least for me ! But,
yes, definitely, the source code exists in Freeradius.
But before grabing it, maybe it would be a good idea that the hostapd
project manager asks Alan DeKoK, *THE* Freeardius project main developper...

> But where do you need this fields? There
> is (at the moment) no way to use radius values out of hostapd.

Well. I changed a bit the hostapd radius.c file. It sends the attributes
received to another process... Still under development... but its seems to
work... so the second process can do some stuff with the attributes
received... The radius client is still the one of hostapd. Ok, this is *not*
clean at all... but funny to play with :-)


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