Monitoring mode gets frames from more than one channel!

Ajeet fromkth+hostap
Fri Feb 11 07:00:03 PST 2005

eduardgv wrote:
>>One more question to eduardgv that how you were able to see 802.11
>>packets on the card in managed mode, beacuse in my setup i can see
>>802.11 header in ethereal only when i set the card in monitor mode, in
>>other modes(master or manged) it only shows ethernet header.
> OK, that could be a little confising...No, I wasn't able to see 802.11
> headers in managed mode. I just was wondering if even in monitor mode,
> the firmware was still passive scanning or something.
> Edu

In monitor mode card does not transfer any frames, it only listens, so 
scanning while in monitor mode is out of question.

Here are some of my observations while in monitor mode.
APs is on channel 11 and i was able to capture frames of this channel 
no. 11 on every channel from 4 onwards to 11 on the other card in 
Monitor mode. So may be in Monitor mode card tries to captures frames 
from channels as far as it can though more far the channel is less 
number of frames it captures.

It would be interesting to see that when card is in managed mode, 
whether it collects frames from other channels which are 5 or more 
channels apart from its own channel.
I dont know how to collect frames with 802.11 headers while in managed 
mode. or if it is possible?


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