fast & selective & active scanning

Angelo . marlonx80
Fri Feb 11 03:57:49 PST 2005

>Yes, this is done in firmware. If you want to do this yourself, you
>would be better off using a card that has scanning implemented in the
>driver (e.g., madwifi).

nothing todo...i have only a senao and a ipw2100 (!)...:(

> > is it possible to forge probe requests in a channel, and handle 
> > without loosing actual ap association in another channel?
>HostScan should do this.

yes, but i can't set probe response timeout, because it is decided by the 
firmware. i measured more accurately that this timeout is 28 ms when no ap 
replies, and 70 when at least one sends a probe response. however, it is not 
too bad.
but because i want to improve performance, do you think that upgrading the 
firmware (or driver) could help me?
i'm using 1.3.6 firmware and 0.1.3 HostAP driver on my Senao 2511 Plus
if yes, how can i flash it?



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