Checking WEP Status after scannig for SSIDs

Rana Basheer ranabasheer
Tue Feb 8 14:37:43 PST 2005

I have the prism driver development document. I am unable to find any
information in the document regarding a way to interrogate the WEP
status of a wirless SSID that was retrieved through scanning. I am
using prism driver to run a PCMCIA based 802.11b card from an Atmega
128 processor. I am trying to list all the available wireless networks
in the vicinity and their WEP status. This is similar to the Windows
XP zero configuration interface which list the available network with
information about whether security is enabled for that network or not.
I am trying to do exactly the same with my Atmega128 + PCMCIA setup.
The only problem is, I do not know how to check the scanned network
has encryption enabled or not.

(Of course I can just try to connect to the network and if it fails
then the network is encrypted. But that does not seem to be an elegant
solution. Please let me know if that is the only solution or there is
something better )

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks and Regards
Rana Basheer

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