Porting hostapd to a completely new (closed source :-( ) driver

Dan Searle dan
Thu Feb 3 07:15:59 PST 2005


The new driver does not have any IOCTL support for the hostapd
interface yet, so... I see that the driver_madwifi.c includes the
net80211 header files ieee80211.h, ieee80211_ioctl.h and
ieee80211_crypto.h. Are the IOCTLs defined in these headers standard,
or are they Atheros specific?

What I'm getting at is, would it be best if the kernel driver for this
proprietary radio card was adapted to provide the same IOCTLs and
Netlink socket as outlined in the net80211 header files from the
madwifi sources? Or would it be better to implement a completely new
driver_xxx.c abstraction layer for the hostapd to interface with
propriotry IOCTLs which already exist in our proprietary wifi driver?

I'll admit I'm a bit confused.

Regards, Dan...

Thursday, February 3, 2005, 9:26:05 AM, you wrote:

>> Anyone? I can't believe that there is no documentation on the
>> wifi-driver<->hostapd API?

> There is no documentation for this API. This api is in most cases self explaining.
> Simply take driver_madwifi for your driver. madwifi has its own 802.11
> handling too. If you have questions ask here. I will help you.

> regards
> gunter
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