802.1x required for WPA-PSK?

Larry@Home larry.leblanc
Wed Feb 2 15:36:09 PST 2005


I'm running hostapd 0.3.5 with madwifi in an AP configuration (i.e. 
Master). I am trying to use WPA-PSK but my connections are failing in 
802.1x negotiation. I've got 802.1x disabled in hostapd.conf since I 
didn't expect to need 802.1x with WPA-PSK - only with WPA-EAP. I thought 
maybe the problem was on the client side, but the debug messages from 
hostapd showed it was enabling 802.1x in the madwifi driver and I 
subsequently found the following code in ieee8021x.c:

   if ((hapd->conf->ieee802_1x || hapd->conf->wpa) &&
       hostapd_set_ieee8021x(hapd, 1))
       return -1;
Note that enabling any form of WPA overrides the explicit 802.1x 
configuration - was this intended? And is it necessary? I tried 
modifying that code segment to only enable 802.1x if wpa_key_mgmt 
included WPA_KEY_MGMT_IEEE8021X without success - no error messages but 
my AP was no longer visible (never mind connect-able) from the client, 
so there is something more to it.

Am I confused? Is 802.1x required even for WPA-PSK operation?



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