"iwlist wlan0 ap" working?

dennis khoo dhskhoo
Tue Feb 1 11:30:39 PST 2005

Hi all,

Does "iwlist wlan0 ap"(from wireless_tools 28) work on
hostap 0.2.6 with prism 1.7.4 firmware?  I tested it
under master mode without WEP or WPA, just the default
"test" ESSID and got "No Peers/Access-Point in range".

I've tried "iwlist wlan0 scanning" and that works when
wlan0 is in managed mode.  I just want to be able to
scan a list of APs while running in master mode
without having to resort to managed mode to scan if I
can help it.

Any insights or help is deeply apreciated.
thanks in advance  

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