WPA setup trouble - please help

joe_x at ich-habe-fertig.com joe_x
Fri Aug 26 14:45:19 PDT 2005

Hallo everybody  
Please help me.   
I'm trying to get WPA running with a wlan-capable T-sinus DSL modem/  
router and an ipw2200-based card on Linux. Unencrypted link works   
When I configure the router for WPA-PSK access, it lists as follows   
with "iwlist scanning":   
  ESSID:"<correct string>"  
  Encrypion key:on  
However, wpa_supplicant says:  
Scan results: 1  
  ...wpa_ie_len=0 rsn_ie_len=0  
  skip - no WPA/RSN IE  
If I understand correctly, the wpa_ie_len should be non-zero to   
indicate the presence of WPA encryption.   
However, using Windows, I can connect to the router and windows   
reports use of WPA-PSK and encryption TKIP.   
What's wrong, any suggestions?  


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