Implementing wireless mesh network using HostAP

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my mutt doesn't really like your HTML, anway, there are already running
projects of wireless mesh networks,

this is not hostap-based.

this is hostap based.

both use WDS links and some particular addressing scheme to have mesh
model working. both do not use WPA/802.1X, since there is no support for WPA over
WDS still. if you're fine with that, they just "work" out of the box, if
you want WPA/802.1X WPA over WDS has been a topic in a couple of threads,

this is to cleanup code to have wpa supplicant state machine linked to
hostapd, and have a supplicant work with hostapd server, and this

is somebody trying to patch existent code to have WPA over WDS, I don't
know to what extent. 

I'm interested in the subject of WPA over WDS, so discussion is welcome.


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