plz help to install hostap

Jay Strauss jjstrauss
Sat Aug 13 13:39:30 PDT 2005

On 8/13/05, Alric Aneron <aluminum3458 at> wrote:
> What is that? I've read 3 differnet installation
> instructions for hostap and none of them said anything
> about that.  I dont' even have that on my machine.  Is
> it included in hostap utilities, which I haven't yet
> installed? do I have to install it?
> When I do iwlist scan, says "no results" (usually at
> least 3 networks) I don't think my wireless card
> cooperates with the driver.

I'm sorry, I assumed you were trying to connect to a WPA network.  If
you are connecting to a WEP network, I'm out of my element

If you are indeed connecting to WPA, then you need to install
wpa_supplicant, and configure it (google installing wpasupplicant).


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