Firmware Flashing Bug in prism2_srec

Kelly Hogan kshogan
Fri Aug 12 04:03:44 PDT 2005

We have discovered the the prism2_srec will not flash any other device
than wlan0.  All other devices give an error saying that the kernel must
be configured to support the flashing.  Which it is.

Scenario is Soekris with mini-pci and pcmcia.  With cards in both, any
attempt to flash the netcs0 device with firmware gives an error saying
that the device doesn't exist.  

Any ideas?  Has anyone flashed a second card on a Soekris or WRAP?

We see the same problems on WRAP boards with two identicla minipci
cards.  When we specify wlan1, it balks and gives us the kernel not
configured error. 


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