Seeing both wifi0 and wlan0

Jim Kaba jkaba
Thu Aug 11 15:43:38 PDT 2005

  Check your grep again -- dev_alloc_name() shows up more than once for me
in any of the hostap versions that create both wifi0 & wlan0 (i.e. all the
versions going quite a way back).


Deepak Saxena wrote:
> Hello,
> I am working on integrating HostAP into a custom kernel (2.6.10
> + various patches all the way to 2.6.13-rc6) and I am ending up
> with both wlan0 and wifi0 devices on my system. Changing a config
> paramter on either via iwconfig changes it on the other, so they
> are the same device, but I don't see how this is happening as the
> only call to dev_alloc_name() is with "wifi%d" as the parameter.
> I've done a quick grep of my udev rules too to make sure it is
> not at fault and don't find anything related to wifi or wlan. Has
> anyone seen this before?
> FYI, I'm using the hostap code form Jeff Garzik's iee80211 branch
> of the the netdev tree[1].
> Tnx,
> ~Deepak
> [1] See
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